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Window Tinting has been proven over time to have more than a few beneficial effects, and it can be beneficial in more than one place too! You can tint the windows of your home and the window glass in your office/commercial property. There are several types of tinting film that are available for both residential and commercial window tinting.

Decorative Window Tinting: these decorative films often have patterns or design and provide often times some obscurity that add style and privacy throughout your home – both inside and out.

Safety & Security Window Tinting: available for both homes and commercial buildings, safety and security films can help make theft and shattering from accidents, windborne debris, and vandalism less of a risk in your home or office. These security films are often available in both clear and solar films.

Solar Window Tinting: solar films can help minimize fading from the sun and harmful UV rays. Want to know more about the potential Energy Savings of Window Tinting in your home?

Tinting Oregon is a proud locally owned business, providing expertly installed residential and commercial window tinting. PLEASE NOTE THAT Tinting Oregon does not specialize in or offer Automotive Window Tinting at this time. Our window tinting services are available across Bend, Redmond, and Sisters, Oregon. If you are interested in any of the tinting services mentioned above, please give our shop a call at 503.713.6196 for an estimate.