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Commercial Window Tinting 

Commercial Window Tinting In Portland, Salem, Eugene, and Central Oregon


Tinting Oregon is who commercial property owners throughout Portland, Salem, Eugene, and Central Oregon trust for professional window tinting services. As Central Oregon commercial window tinting experts we provide the highest quality results and will ensure the job is done right the first time.

Commercial window tinting in Bend, OR and the surrounding areas is a worthwhile investment that offers property owners many benefits. Aside from making buildings more energy efficient by by blocking out heat and cold, window tinting also helps block the sun’s rays, preventing office furniture and carpets from fading. Our films also reduce employee eye strain. Plus, when you choose Tinting Oregon for your commercial window tinting project you will have access to a variety of specialty products; such as our security films that make the glass of your properties windows more shatter-resistant, thus providing protection against harsh weather and vandalism.


Services Our Commercial Window Tinting Contractors Provide:

  • Office Window Tinting
  • Business Window Tinting
  • Commercial Window Tinting
  • Solar Window Tinting

Services Our Commercial Window Tinting Contractors Provide:

  • Reflective Window Tinting
  • Security Films
  • Window Tinting Film
  • Window Films
  • SunTek Window Tint

Switchable Glass

Switchable Glass changes from clear to opaque to provide privacy-on-demand.

  • Is the information you share in meeting rooms at risk due to a lack of visual privacy?  

  • Do your patients feel like they are on display in your ICU or exam suites?

  • Do mechanical blinds, curtains or shades create an unhygienic environment in your healthcare facility? 

  • Do you lack privacy in your urban, all-glass environment?

  • Do you want auto window tinting that is unique, stands out from the rest and protects you and your car’s interior from damaging solar rays and prying eyes?

  • Are you looking for a unique way to advertise your business or services on to your glass storefront? 

  • DGP’s Switchable Privacy Glass and Switchable Privacy Film is a PERFECT SOLUTION for each of these problems.  Contact us TODAY to ask how we can help.
  • DGP’s Switchable Privacy Film can retrofit on to existing glass or can be used in new construction.  All power supply components are UL listed.
  • We provide Switchable Privacy Film, Switchable Privacy Glass and SolarPerformance Photochromic Window Film.
  • Clearest film available.
  • Detailed shop drawings for each switchable privacy film order.

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