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Should I be window tinting my home or business? It’s a very valid question. While it’s hard to give a yes or no answer to this question, it’s not hard to tell you that at the very least you should be researching and understanding your window tinting options and decide what is best for you in your life.

Residential window tinting (Solar Film) has several great benefits on your home: first and foremost making it a more comfortable place to be in. Glare Reduction works to protect your eyes from the effects of the sun, to protect your family from harmful UV rays, and guard your furniture against unnecessary sun bleaching. That’s right, constant sun will fade the furniture and wood in your home over time, tinting the windows in your home can slow this process.

Heat Reduction can make temperature control much easier, while the presence of tinting itself offers extra privacy for your home from outside eyes. Climate control is something on everyone’s mind at one point or another, and how to most effectively lower the cost of heating/cooling your home throughout the year. Window tinting is a cost-effective and energy efficient method to help with this!

Applying a tinted film to the windows in your home can offer substantial energy savings all year long, learn more!

Decorative Film (Obscure Film) adds texture, patterns, or obscurity to a window – for aesthetic or privacy reasons. This can breath new life into old windows and add style to the space.

Security Film has several styles: Impact Resistant Glass is designed to hold together against shattering better than normal glass. Tempered Insulating Glass is used for preventing injuries from potential broken glass, lessening the risk of injury from damage and debris. Applying security film to the windows in your home can take a standard piece of glass and make it a tough window to break through.

Tinting can be applied to automobiles, home windows, and commercial glass. Tinting Oregon does not currently do automotive tinting, choosing instead to focus our expertise on providing the very best in window tinting for your homestead and business.